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Well, cookies and tea are always a part of an idea
When friend praised your baking skills
Honey tried her best at baking cookies
Oh, these cookies really taste like heaven
Coworkers girls talking business and girls' stuff
Autumn evenings are for chattering
My sweetheart is really good at baking
So, well, what's your idea then?
When you haven't seen your bff in a while
Everything is under control
Preoccupied looking young indian woman touching her face
Ten minutess till report presentation and nothing is ready!
The bride and groom sitting on a chair AI
What did i say? you're running a temperature
Dad, i've made these for you to eat them
Thinking about something and writing my thoughts on paper
A female baker rolling out cookie dough
Don't waste your time, become digital
Young woman sitting at the desk in her office AI
Chatting with her colleagues
Making an accent on lips this time
Aged man closing eyes with cookies and young woman looking at it
I just can't watch it without tears
With this amount of work you'd need a gallon of coffee
Having these lovely talks and just enjoying cacao
Young asian woman focused on eyeshadow application
Wondering if this lipstick would suit me
She's got all rebellious
Young asian woman looking frightened
Making expressive eyes
Honey tried her best at baking cookies
Aren't these your favorite, huh?
Coffee break time with my dear
Since when you don't like my cookies?
Having just the most magical sweet evening with my girl
Judging coffee quality like a pro
With such a high temperature you should take some febrifuge
Coworkers trying to solve a working dead deal here
Discovering digital money making
Having just the best time with this lady
This is torture - the fever, the chills and the sweating
Young indian woman looking attentively at her face
The appointment is over
I've got enough of this!
Thinking about all these great things
I put you back on your feet in no time
A woman holding a turkey in her hands AI
Do you really think i can do all that till tomorrow?!
Seems like she's really liking it
Young woman in a kitchen AI
The only thought i have now is about food
Look, that's my cigar
Hope this coffee will make him feel more energized
Young woman holding a cup of coffee AI
I'll look after you until you recover
Well, it's all come at a bad time, really
Ok, so we've got to solve this case
She ate her annual report
Young indian woman sitting at the office desk and pointing with both hands
Autumn evenings are just made for movies and coffee