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Talking about work stuff with the colleagues
Deciding work questions with the colleague
Seems like intensive work day is ahead
Taking into consideration some serious questions
In the middle of thinking over all the work stuff
Well, i'm ready to cure diseases and solve all the problems
Having a lot to talk about with the colleagues
Doing a work that i like and good at is a blessing
When you hear your own heart for the first time
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Collective discussing before starting the work
I can't hear anything out of my stethoscope
Thinking about all that work stuff
This funny thing was invented 200 years ago
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Don't worry, i'll be gentle
Attractive female doctor making a self check with a stethoscope
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It's time to start our work day
When colleagues telling you some great news
Her tool of the trade
Just relax, it's gonna be quick and fast
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Vaccinations: to be or not to be?
Attractive female doctor making a self check with a stethoscope
Doctors get tired of their routine too
Doing a work that i like and good at is a blessing
Well, guess, i need to hear out the others about that
It's all about confidence
When colleagues telling you some great news
Thinking about curing diseases
Thinking about curing diseases
We have a lot on our plate going on today
Well, how about we take this one into consideration
Preparing myself mentally for long work day
Talking about all the work stuff with the colleague
Doctor's work day is about to ger started
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Gosh, guess, i need a break from all this
Well, shall we start?
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Well, let's keep a secret before it's all good and set
I gonna be quick and fast
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