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Let's dance!
This song makes us move and dance
Hip hop! woohoo!
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Hip hop! woohoo!
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Yeah, it's a goal!
Open your mouth and i'll give you some chips
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Big city moments
Happy to work together
Oh no, he missed the shot again!
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Yeah, it's a goal!
God knows
Oh please, stop watching this nonsense
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This is the best news ever!
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When your colleagues make jokes
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Colleagues looking at some work things on the computer
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Oh dear, i didn't recognize you
Mobile calls make us closer
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There's no accounting for taste
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Wake me up when it ends...
She'd better turn down the volume
Business could get personal too
Feeling such a relief after doing all the work
Taking advantage of new technologies
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Come on, we are rooting for you as hard as we can
And that's what you wanna present to the client?
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Happy to work together
After all, he's boss, gotta handle it
Can i help you with your work?
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