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Afro man receives christmas congratulations
Man giving a christmas present to his girlfriend AI
Your stories never fail to make me smile
Young guy sad about early morning
They think i'm watching something important but i'm just checking myself out in the screen reflection
I saw a perfect stranger today and they were so perfect it warmed my heart
When you try your best but you don't succeed
I can't explain what i'm feeling
Oh no, that's so funny, i forgot to go to work again
2007 was so long ago i forgot how to do a right myspace angle
Time to forget about everything and feel the sunlight softly caressing your face
No you hang up first
I came here to have fun and to punch you in the face and as you can see there is no more fun left
Young man happy about christmas coming
If i wanna sleep i will and you won't be able to stop me
Life is not just unfair, it's unfair to me specifically most of the time
Man standing in front of a wall AI
Some memories are too vivid to forget about
Taken by surprise
Y'all make me sad
One of those days
What do i have to study to become a cloud
As an introvert i need some quiet moments with myself from time to time
Running away from my problems
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I know what ya thinkin' and i like it
A man and a young boy AI
Smiling male tourist sitting on grey luggage
Three-quarter view of displeased man with outstretching hands
Christmas mood
Just a turtleneck and sweatpants, and you?
This is the cutest thing i've ever received
Start your day with a smile
Every single text from you makes me blush but i like it
The mood of this month is sadness
Feeling jealous for no reason
When your life crumbles before your eyes and you have no power to stop it
A man in a sweater AI
There's no "me" in "working today", but there is "me" in "time to daydream" and i think it's important
What is this feeling
I'm gonna upload this to every social media i know
Blocking out the haters
Person works on a tire AI
Young handsome afroman dressed like a rapper
I feel like birds are watching me
He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows if you've been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake
Oh man, this horoscope says i'm cute
You disappoint me
Thinking over what i've just read
Feeling genuinely happy
Caught in sweet memories
Enjoy the silence
I see you slacking at your job and i'm displeased
Enjoying this time just for myself
Silently judging you
A three-quarter frontal view
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A frontal view
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