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Guess i have some problems with that
Excited male clown holding a cake
Excited male clown holding a cake
I could use a little bit of appreciation for this cake
Well-well, water tastes great
Hey-hey, is anyone there?
Gonna give a try to my juggling technique
Disgusted male clown holding lollipop
Disgusted with something male clown holding balloon flower
How do you like this little guy, huh?
Seems like this lollipop is definitely not the freshest one
Well, guess that's not the cake i've ordered
That how balloon figures have been made
Could you just take a closer look on these glasses? they are great
Can't hold my feelings when it comes to these things
About to discover how much i've earned
Preparing this envelope to be sent
Well, take a chance to meet my friend
Smiling male clown holding lollipop
Well, didn't expect to receive such a present
I mean, everyone likes clowns, no?
Giving all my artistic self to make this balloon figure
Look, my toy is feeling the same way i feel
Male clown pointing at flower he's holding
You know, this not my favorite toy
Male clown using knife as nail file
Well, guess that's not the cake i've ordered
Male clown laughing out loud
Could someone fight me in jokes' contest, huh?
Don't you like sunflowers like i do?
Please, get ready to meet my friend
Don't know what to expect to see here
Guess i have some problems with that
Yeap, it's better to don't mess up with me, you know
And what birthday is going to be without the present?!
Sad looking male clown looking attentively at straws in the glass he's holding
Glasses up for this great birthday time
Please, i've chosen it right for you
Trying my best acting skills at juggling
Guess my acting skills are on point
Spending time with the maximum fun
Better to put those to the safe place
Evil male clown touching his teeth with a knife?
Hope everyone is in good mood for some entertainment
What a happy birthday without decent present?
You never expect bad things to happen to you
Who else could do this? no one except the clown
Sweet treat works well for all ages
Realising that my artistic talent hasn't been washed away
Guessing over what should i do next
Male clown holding his fists up
Smiling male clown showing thumb up
Enchanted and kinda of trapped here at the same time
Male clown facing the camera and biting lollipop
And what birthday is going to be without the present?!
Well-well, who wanted to see the clown here?
Like this image of me, huh?
I've made it specially for you, guess you'd like it
Seems like this conversation couldn't get any better
Male clown showing peace signs