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Just a quick rest from the work
Preparing everything for building spot safety
Guess, it's right the time to start building process
Resfresh myself and work again
Amount of work that is yet to be done is just enermous
Street worker job is a tough to do
Stressful time at work
Getting familiar with new equipment
Managing building process as well
Controlling construction building process
Safety is first thing in street worker's job
Giving work commands on the building spot
Controlling construction building process
Before starting the building process it's important to take caution
Amount of work to do is enermous
Preparing everything for building
Kinda wish this work day was over
A minute of rest and back to hard work
Tell our ganger i need more cones
Guiding building process
His work can be noisy and physically demanding
Unforgettable echoing sound of a jackhammer
He's used to operating power tools
Stop, you're on the spot, man!
Guys, let's call it a day
One, two, three... radio check, can you hear me?
The track is coming!
Well done, man!
Thinking about all this work yet to be done
Get a bit closer!
Being a construction worker isn't easy at all
I've been working my best at work
Last preparations and let's get to work
Pause after physically demanding job
Construction worker using radio phone and showing somewhere
Focused on managing the building
Just refreshing myself and then back to work
Preparing the spot for future work
Thinking about amount of work that is yet to do
Well, building process is hard work to do
Trying to figure out what to do for work
Controlling the building process
Yeah, i'm not good with technical equipment at all
Getting building spot ready for work
His work can be noisy and physically demanding
Skyscrapers rising up thanks to men like me
Removing all this bad surface for putting brand new
Taking a little break from the work
Few minutes of break is just needed
He's working with a jackhammer to get rid of a layer of concrete
One, two, three... radio check, can you hear me?
Great job!
Truck is coming, we're ready to unloading of materials
These cones draw attention to dangerous areas
Kinda don't want to start working
Boss, i need a helping hand here
Get a bit closer!
Good for you, man
Boss, some guys are requesting entering the danger zone
Stop there!