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All i need is here by my side
From now and till forever we're the family
One of the best moments of our lives
Got my love by my side and nothing else matters
My green friend
Today i'm probably gonna be the happiest human
Feeling endless love for my partner
Showing my admiration to you, my love
Just a small symbol of admiration
It's kind of alternative eating
Black male hands holding flowers
Green plant in pot and sunglasses
Flower head is quite a fashion decision
Minimalistic way of seeing things
First date
When words escape, flowers speak
Starting to feel affection for each other
Gonna do a floral decor
Could it be a kitchen decor?
Forever inseparable
He still brings me nice presents
Male hands holding big scissors
Bouqet is essential symbol of the wedding day
Pink hyacinths in clear glass vase
So happy to spend some time together
Young man doesn't like the smell of the flower
It's never enough time with my love
These two birds seem deeply in love
Seashell brings back good old memories
Don't underestimate power of bouquet's charm
So madly in love with you, dear
Flower to cheer you up a little
Finally have enough courage to say these words
Holding green plant in pot
Black male hand holding a flower twig
It's one of the best moments of our life
Bouquet of peonies
Was taking care of this nice plant
Showing love and gratitude with this bouquet
Got nice plants
Taking care of plants is part of our human duty
Having some arty food
Having the best time with my sweetheart
Bunch of natural beauty
A woman in a white t shirt with a green plant AI
Holding flowers in hand
Preparing for having food
Shy young man hiding his face in a bunch of flowers
So it's a date
Got my person for a life
Young man holding flower pot covered with plastic
Forever inseparable
White roses symbolise youth and innocence
Black male hands holding crystal
Symbolizing pure love
You shouldn't have bought me anything,honey
Finally got a chance to meet my sweetheart
Pink flowers on a white background AI