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Call center agent wearing headset and listening carefully
Realizing amount of work left to do
Work's been going just great
Trying to clarify the info
You're doing well
Coping with strong emotions
I feel like a mess
Don't know how i wound up here
Trying to remember what i was supposed to do
I've been waiting to meet you
Always annoying part of listening to music
Man in casual clothes standing
Contented with how work proceeds
Handsome young man with astonished facial expression holding his hand next to his chin
It's better than getting a haircut, i guess
Welcome, make yourself at home
Happy to make your acquaintance
Fear sees danger everywhere
Anticipating exam failure
Trying to get what's been said there
What a nice surprise, i'm glad to see you
What if something bad happens?
All your fears exist only in your mind
It's not easy to overcome nervousness
Amazing news
Handsome young guy adjusting earphones and looking up
Trying to figure out this thing
Fingers crossed
Please, follow me here
That's the image of a bad guy
Totally involved in working process
Call center agent touching headset and looking up
Call center agent doing facepalm gesture
Giving advices on how to solve the problem
It's all in your head
A bit tired but happy
Oh, i wish there was something i could do
Negative emotions destroy me
Angry with myself
Call center agent showing a way to go with hands
Guess the gesture
This is an outrage!
Call center agent working and holding folder
Perfect job, man!
How are you, i haven't seen you for ages!
Handsome young guy trying to figure out the earphones problem
What a nice surprise, i'm glad to see you
Handsome young guy trying to unravel earphones
Oops, i might have said something i shouldn't
Stop joking! i cant laugh anymore!
Flipping through list of tasks for today
Favorite music on and i'm ready to go
Man in casual clothes standing
Considering some possible work options
My head is exploding
I'm fine and feel great
Warming up before workout
Childish soul with 25+age
A man in a white shirt holding a blank sheet of paper AI