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Looking straight in problem's eyes
Businesslady pointing something with her finger
No, we're doing it my way, ok?
Yes, i'm talking to you
Getting extremely surprised with what colleagues were doing
Real estate agents love working with people
Businesswoman snapping her fingers
Girl sending air-kisses
'i'm gonna fight this monday chaos'
Businesswoman snapping her fingers
Looking straight in problem's eyes
Come on, you're gonna love it
Girl showing an 'ok' sign
'i knew, i'm capable of it!'
Great windows view is one of the advantages of this property
'ready to face the problems'
Shall we climb the stairs to the second floor now
Hm, think i'm gonna need to revise it one more time
When the cashier asks you whether you want tea or coffee and you spend the next ten minutes trying to decide which choice will help you feel more alive on the monday morning
So, how are you finding the house?
What is really good here is a ceiling height
The property also benefits from oak parquet floor...
This article is just amazing
Still feels surreal but digital era is true
The quality of file you can read from my face
Enchanting her colleagues
Or should i go for darker colors?
Woman in a yellow raincoat holding an invisible subject and smiling to a camera
Young businesswoman holding papers with unexpected expression on her face
The main thing is never to give up
Hope you like this apartment
Who is the boss?
Girl putting in order her clothes
Girl sending air-kisses
'yes, that's how we do!'
'done it!'
Windows view is really great here
This textured ceiling looks nice, doesn't it?
And here's a light spacious living room...
Come and look at the view from this window
What a nice piece of work you've done
I have no words actually to describe my feelings
Don't try to accuse me of what's not true
Businesslady winks to someone
Getting ready to assess a property's value
'hm, what do we have for today...'
Businesslady pointing something with her finger
Girl standing and looking straight in a camera
The bride and groom in white suits AI
There are several emergency exits on this aircraft
Portrait of a young businesswoman
Today pink is my mood
There are several emergency exits on this aircraft
She knows how to work with potential property buyers
Indian woman in orange top holding lip balm and sending air kiss
Are you serious about proposing this?
'hm, what do we have for today...'
Girl standing in an attack position
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