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Getting ready for work day
Young woman sitting on the table and holding drawings
Creating something new and beautiful here
Young girl sitting at the table and holding cup of coffee
Wanna spend this coffee time with me?
Trying my artist skills here
You call that a little trim?
Guess, we should consider this option too
So, now no excuses to don't do gardening, huh?
Serious looking indian office worker standing at the office desk
Beautiful businesswoman holding papers and propoding to take a look on it
And what about we make a change here?
Giving a second thought to all work stuff
Young office worker sitting at the office desk and checking papers
Thinking about all those drawings to do
Got pensive about new ideas
Getting all work news from the colleague
Catching precious moments of coffee relax time
Reading and just enjoying time
Real work consists of attention and concentration on details
Distracting from work a little bit
Sad and involved in thoughts
Young indian woman sitting at the office desk and pointing with both hands
Job interview
I have no words actually to describe my feelings
This call made my day
Dreaming at a business meeting
Working and exchanging few words with a colleague
Elegant and intelligent
Work day got me like this
Focused on the telephone dicussion
Guessing about should i call him or not?
That's how my typical day looks like
Looking at this new watch
Totally involved in work process
What a nice piece of work you've done
A lot of work to get through
Talking to colleagues
Talking to her colleagues
Are you talking seriously?
Working process requires good thinking
Reading and just enjoying time
Trying to get through pile of all these papers
Young businesswoman holding papers with unexpected expression on her face
How about do some gardening?
Someone could explain me what are these?
Looks like there's something wrong here
There's something i want to show to you
Wait, what these numbers are?
Thinking about all the work process
Trying to get through pile of all these papers
Skipping through all friends' messages
Involved in proofreading the material before deadlines' closure
Have you noticed that thing over there?
Work day's been going just fine enough
Got a little bit pensive about work to do
Attractive young worker looking aside
Work day's been going just fine enough