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It's outraged, don't you think?
Chill out, boy, today is not your day
Friends telling some seriously shocking news
So what do we do?
It's outraged, don't you think?
Boy, you better don't mess with me, you know
Yeap, everything is gonna be just good
Woman making enough gesture
Relax, take it easy
Wow, this is just unbelievable
Bunny is in need of love and hugs
Is something wrong with my hair?
Yeap, we're pretty cool and young tonight
The embodiment of charm and elegance
Let it be then, we've got nothing to lose
Wait a minute, are you sure about what you're saying?
Or should i go for darker colors?
Yeap, there's nothing to do
Beauty begins when you decide to be yourself
When you kinda mad and displeased at the same time
Let's rock this place, babes!
Definitely not in the mood today
Elegance never goes out of style
Simple chic
True style is knowing who you are
It started out with a kiss how did it end up like this
Young girl with light smile on her face holding her hands on the level of her lower back
Charmingly beautiful in any stile
Fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside
Shy smile
Now we're on a roll
Young girl with unsatisfied facial expression holding her hand next to her chin
Don't worry, stay positive, ok?
Don't be a grumpy, come here
One and only is on my mind
I'm such a cute little one, don't you think?
Let's make this photo quickly
It sucks, you know
Thumbs up for the weekend
Got a little bit sick of these stuff
I follow my own fashion
Captivating look
Thumbs up for all the party fun and enjoyment
Hmm, i wonder how the things are going
Flawless style
And what if we change plan a little?
Let's loosen up today a little
Captivating look
Sorry, you're saying what?
Confidence is staying true to yourself
I follow my own fashion
I'm already stressed here, you wanna make the situation even better?
Looking chic and stylish
When you trying to reach out to a friend when you're stuck in the coffee order line
Be your own kind of beautiful
Thank you, next
Life isn't perfect but your outfit can be
It's not about brand, it's about style
Not worried about anything
Don't worry, smile and be happy