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In the middle of home decor preparation
Old woman holding a plant
Old woman watering plant
Working on new piece of house decoration
Contemplating result of my work
'cause taking care of my plants is what really makes me happy
Well, taking care of plants is quite my hobby
Elderly woman sitting at the table AI
Pregnant woman with a cup of tea AI
A woman in her home AI
Elderly woman working in the office AI
I believe everyone should have houseplants
Well, my favorite seems to be thirsty
Go away, i'm antisocial
Front view of a bored young woman sitting on a chair and holding her laptop
Young female farmer looking on green twig
Listening all my friend's saying
Seems like she's really liking it
Laughing old woman talking on the phone
You can't see me, i've found an i-dill-al spot to hide
I choose not to damage the environment
Doing sport is just the best time spending option for me
Dancing is my kind of sport
Wait, let me think a bit
This smelly thing made my eyes leak
Young woman holding shopping bag with vegetables and looking down
Active lifestyle is really my thing
Catching last news about life around
Smiling old woman using expander
Having quite a lot to talk about
Smiling old woman holding plant in pot
Old woman holding a green plant in pot
Smiling old woman watering plants
'cause taking care of plants's my hobby
Smiling old woman watering plants
Smiling old woman watering plants
Woman holding a pot of fresh herbs AI
Old woman watering plant
Woman sitting on the floor AI
I'm responsible for this little one
A woman in her home AI
It needs love and care just the way we do
This sweater is made from % wool AI
Drink up, my potted friend
Ah, my first book of spells.. sweet memories
Starting this day with smile and sport
Young female farmer holding plant
Chatting with her colleagues
A woman standing in front of a table AI
Is this even a coffee?
The best bouquets are the ones you can eat afterwards
Coffee break at a busy day
Old woman using expander
I start my day with some beauty procedures
Chatting with her colleagues
Well, let me think about it a little
Young businesswoman is having a cup of coffee
My favorite songs put me in a good mood!
Smell of coffee is my favourite
Smiling old woman holding hand weights in one hand