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Photography is about to know to catch a perfect shot
Young man adjusting camera
Trying to understand the camera settings
Adjusting camera lens
Using old fashioned metods to get the best shots
Settings thing is important too
Set and ready for the photo shot
Photography is about to know to catch a perfect shot
Gonna try my photo artist skills
Exploring things for second sense
My favourite morning ritual
Young man holding a vintage camera
Сook, little pot, cook
Photo making process got me pensive
Right thing after receiving the payment
Trying to guess what's in there
This music really gets me, you know
Smiling young girl taking photos with red camera
Young asian man holding a clipboard
Cooking in ceramic pots
Well, guess, it's proper time to take a walk
If you had fun it was worth it
Making a party in very japanese style today
Looking really fancy with this bag
Dealing with this pile of clothes could really take a while
Let yourself be proud of all those little imperfect things you make as they make you happy and this is all that matters
Can't wait to start this day with new powers
Gonna take a closer look on photos
Concerned with camera settings
Vintage camera is the best to make photos with
Smile, i'm gonna take a picture
Trying to catch a good shot
Photos look quite good
Wondering how to get all settings right done
Taking a close look on the photo object
Young indian woman holding money bills and talking on the phone
Stuck in the social networks zone
What a wonderful flower bouquet
Time for myself and just dream a little
Looking for hidden sense here
Young asian man speaking into a microphone
Mastering my skill in making sushi
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Oh well, seems like we've got some into the jar here
Young asian man trying to do karate
Monitoring things that are happening
Slim young man looks shy
Beautiful retro-styled woman posing in checkered vest
When each step is thought out, thoroughly and carefully
Making my favourite ones for japanese style evening
And what should i do next after that, huh?
Don't you dare to interrupt the artist
A thoughtful young man feeling down
Attractive young guy standing in profile and wearing headphones