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Having this beauty to keep me company
Young girl sitting and holding a spitz dog
My pal and animal friend
Look at him, he's so sweet
You're such a sweet dog
Dog getting ready for a walk AI
Here you go, love, take a bone
How adorable you're
What a sweet fluffy creature
Let's mend your paw, honey
My adorable fluffy patient
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Oh, isn't he just lovely?
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Spending time with my doggy friend
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They look alike in some way
What a wonderful creature it is
The most loved creature on earth
Animals are capable of showing emotions too
Look, he's just so adorable
My fluffy patient is so tender and obedient
Nooo he is gonna scratch me, he's gonna scratch me with his claws!
You're just the sweetest little creature
Their first proper hug is going pretty well so far
Taking care of my little buddy
Isn't he just super cute?
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Mr cat likes his beauty routine time
Adore this little creature
Love you so much, my paws friend
My little fluffy friend
What a beautiful dog you are
What a sweet fluffy creature
My spitz friend is such a sweet boy
I adore my little patients
No hard feelings, kitty, i love you both!
It's nice to spend time with my lovely fluffy friend
Posing for a photo with my fluffy friend
They are clearly enjoying each other's company
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Love this little animal so much
Young gir holding a spitz
Isn't it just lovely, huh?
Look at him, isn't he just perfect?!
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What a nice sweety pal he is
What a sweet boy it is
Aren't we just cute together, huh?
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Getting mr cat a decent look for today
I like spending time with my doggy
None of us didn't expect this
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It got stuck and won't let go, this hairbrush is a part of me now
Stay still please, you are such a cutie
I love you so much, my doggy friend