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Trying to get some atmosphere here
Enjoying my morning cappucio
Writing down some thoughts
Flipping through some last fashion news
Trying my best at making calls
Realizing architecture ideas
Design drawings process got me pensive
Thinking over what i've just read
Selfie is always a good idea
Studying is important
Architect in the middle of workplace
Doing theory part for the construction
Creating new architecture isn't easy
Working on some architecture stuff
Working on fresh drawings
Architect in the middle of workplace
Thinking about some architecture ideas
Perfect way to escape into my world
There is something romantic in finding dry flowers folded between books' pages, isn't it?
Focusing on theoretical part of work
Reading and just enjoying time
Can't wait to realize all my ideas
Just a minute break from work and fooling around a little
Considering some work options
Working on drawings
Work is work but it's always time for fun
Good work result is all about concentration
Being busy with all these phone calls to make
Got pensive about new ideas
Thinking over what i've just read
Finding ideas for some new project
Enjoying time just for myself
It's been two hours of memes' scrolling
Working hard to get results
Young female architect sitting at the table and checking drawings
Being overwhelmed with amount of work
Female architect sitting at the table and touching her head with both hands
Immersed in this letter reading
Like to rewatch some old postcards
Examining work papers
Thinking about all those drawings to do
Distracting from work a little bit
Working on these samples correction
Checking all these papers and drawings
Reading and just having a great time
Time alone just for myself
Enchanted by this letter
Enjoying time for myself
Involved in reading about new things
Young girl working on the computer on work desk
Enjoying reading a lot
What could be more wonderful than reading alone time?
Young, creative, independent
Involved in reading a book
A little break from work is just needed
Giving a fresh thought to all this
Working in some nice office atmosphere
Immersed in thoughts about work
Thinking about all the work process
In the world of colours and shades