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Mom, this is the tenth time you're calling me today, i'm alright!
It's hard sometimes to manage with feelings
'i mean it!'
Lack of parents' attention
I'm talking the same way my mom was talking
Girls always have something on their mind
Listen, i saw your boyfriend with another girl
I can play on my own while my mom is busy
Young rebel
When you're grounded and classmate brought a tablet to school
Primary schoolgirl holding an opened book and finger up
Ocd turns your life into endless cleaning
Listen, i saw your boyfriend with another girl
That's my favourite toy
Hi, can you see me?
Ok, let's see what's up there
Maybe, we should provide kiddo with some make up lessons?
I've had enough of school
Having a lot on the mind to think about
Oh no, i can't believe i hear that
Books open horizons
Side view of a young couple in office clothing stretching mouth
A woman holding a mobile phone in front of a mirror AI
Saying hello to classmates after long vacation
Look, he's wrecking the schedule
My brother is such a snitch
I don't like making photos, leave me alone
Man standing in front of a wall with his arms crossed AI
Shocked young mom working and looking after a child
Telling on sister to mom is just how siblings get along
Honey, i asked you not to call me when i have a work meeting
What? the test is today?
Trying new tech things in action
I took your phone just for one minute!
Young couple embracing and a girl talking on the phone
Don't make me angry, or you'll regret it!
He's dating someone else, i tell you
Mom is busy and i'm busy too
Keeping long-disctance relationship
I saw him at the bar with another girl, can you imagine?
Stop shouting at me!
Baby boy sitting in highchair and bitting a mobile phone
All that lovey dovey stuff is not for me
Okay, little know-it-all, i'll fix you later
Kids these days get just blown away with tech
Yes, now tell me that you're just friends
Angry voice message
These two kids have different attitude towards school
One more yawn and i shall send you out of the class
Our mother-daughter connection is very strong
Your methods of work are a bit outdated, daddy
Listen to this track, mom
Now a kiss!
You should do as you was told to
We didn't see it coming in the book
Wow, it sounds gorgeous!
I could be a private detective, you know
Mom and daughter pretending talking on the phone
Technology for education
This camera lense is just great!