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Please give me a break
Staying updated in her profession
Listening to the expert's opinion
Consulting with a colleague
Staying updated in her profession
Tough calls is part of her job
Unfavorable diagnosis
Well, this is your treatment course
i'm dozing off here
Please don't delay your appointment
I can't stand this paperwork
You'll be fine in no time
Consulting with a colleague
Easy access to patient's health history
Quite a surprising conclusion...
Young female doctor
Just relax, it's gonna be quick and fast
Hell, i'm dead on my feet
Medical workers have their ways of chilling
I can't hear anything out of my stethoscope
I'm sorry but i shall give you all these shots
Thinking about all that work stuff
Pros and cons of vaccinations
Doctors get tired of their routine too
Now you can access your medical records online
Smiling even in the middle of an intensive work day
Involved in work stuff
Gosh, guess, i need a break from all this
Doctor talking to a patient AI
Fact-checking with wikipedia
How will i cope on my own?
Got some time for myself
Too much stuff
Easy access to patient's health history
Feeling tired and depressed
Looking through patient's health history online
We're using the latest technology to heal you
Effective patient-physician communication
Too much stuff
Gosh, way too many appointments
Focused on her paperwork
Filling prescriptions is part of her job
Thinking over prescribing some course of treatment
What a boring day
Her tool of the trade
This funny thing was invented 200 years ago
Listening to the expert's opinion
Prescribing can be difficult when you first start out
She's just having her time after shift
Be calm, just be calm!
A bit distracted from her work
How to master drug names and remember dosages?
Keeping patients informed in the digital age
How many pills are too many?
Then you shall sign in to your personal account...
Shocking news
Coffee helps me to concentrate
Well, i'm ready to cure diseases and solve all the problems
She really cares
Preparing myself mentally for long work day