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Working on new architecture project
Young architect sitting at the table and looking at tablet
Revising some last drawings samples
Totally involved in work
Guessing about new ideas to draw
When work is both hobby and living
Doing progress in architecture is hard work to do
Working for the very best result
Trying my best at work
Let's check this book here
I should spend more time reading
Do you this line? it's the main one
Male architect working at desk with his glasses up
Are you really sure about what you're saying?
Giving a fresh look to this book
I went catanic because of this
Realizing architecture ideas
Ok, let's see what do we have here
Checking all these papers and drawings
Flipping through list of tasks for today
Great architecture getting created here
Morning news scrolling
It was third hour of idea creating
Book gives you food for thoughts
Creating new architecture projects
How could've i done this?!
Well, i must say i like your point
Reading and just getting knowledge
Using old fashioned ways to get work done
Going on business trip
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Wearing glasses male architect sitting at work desk
Creating new project here
Working on some new architect drawings
Totally involved in work
Creating some new architecture
Working on ideas would be like...
Architect work requires great imagination
Guessing about new ideas to create
Immersed in the work process
Checking mail requires some time
Kinda have no ideas at all
Ok, let's see what do we have here
Trying to analyze what i've just read
I didn't expect students to show such great results so far
Yeah, this conversation seems bad already
Have a lot of troubles with understanding this task
Laughing young caucasian student sitting at the table and writing something down in the notebook
Digitally signing some documents
In the end, it's not the worst way out
What a great book it is
Focusing on writing formal letters
Let's try myself at writing a letter
There's no age limits for studying
Young call center worker working on the computer
Counting all the time to get full picture
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And how do you like that idea?
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Time to think a little