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I'm sick to death of this buzzkill
Important call
Ready for a new business day
Celebrating his success
Smart and confident
First day at new job
When your need your tablet on the go
I wonder what it might mean...
Let's take a bite of this famous coin
Busy lifestyle
Morning news
Considering the problem
I like it, let's do it, huh?
Arguing over the telephone would be like
Discussing all these things that i really don't wanna to
Talking about all these work things
I'm not looking at you
Pondering over new project
Well, the news is better than i expected
Person and groom looking at each other AI
Digital era awaits you
Intellect is my sword
This joke is just hilarious
At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet
Don't tell me we have some problems here
It's a technology that's capable of changing the world
I need to focus
Quiet, please, back rows
Glad to meet you
Rehearsing his speech
Don't even try to break his concentration
Proud of himself
Facing the new day
When all your hard work pays off
Ready for public speaking
Haven't heard you for ages
Definitely not in the mood today
Ready to take some digital notes
Just can't help yawning
Having quite serious conversation
Yeah, i'm all ears, what are you saying there?
Would you speak more slowly, please? i'm checking the information
Bitcoin is the currency of the future
His unique point of view
Don't you forget about our agreement, ok?
When things have been bad lately
Considering the problem
Carefree and happy
Sometimes telephone talks could be super boring
I've told you time out of mind not to call me during lessons
It's great time for a walk outside
Busy lifestyle
When you've said something you really didn't have to
Well, you know, i don't like how that idea sounds
At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet
Getting through all these e-mails could be hard
Presenting his project
Talking about life time buddies