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Talking to a friend is always so much fun
Bumped into long time no listened to good song
Being at home doesn't mean no fuss
When no money left but i still want a lot to buy
Oh my, i can't believe it!
Talking over the latest news with a friend
Oh no, it's not time for a headache
This is your coffee. it's hot and luscious
Seems like my friend got a lot to tell me about
Young plus-size female office worker talking on the phone
Preparing a report for a meeting
Seems like i need to take a break 'cause my eyes hurt a lot
Asian female office employee looking bothered with phone call
Searching for inspiration
Productive business communication
Thinking about new work ideas might take a while
Young businesswoman is sitting on her desk
Aaaah! i've had enough of this!
Young indian woman working on laptop at the office desk
Searching for inspiration
Young overweight man sitting at the table and holding bank card close to his mouth
The coming day has much in store for us
Calm young plus-size model listening to music on laptop
Ten minutess till report presentation and nothing is ready!
Such moments make your day more beautiful
Slightly frustrated 'cause shopping went bad
Pensive young teacher sitting at the table
She knows how to achieve everything she wants
Slightly frustrated 'cause shopping went bad
Oh that's so annoying, i can't stand it!
Figuring out what's new and good for buying
Oh yes, i've got a promotion!
Chatting with friends during her break
Work stuff seems to be quite serious
Young plus-size model yawning, drinking tea and looking at laptop
Young worker sitting at the table and 'opening' her eyes with hands
Do i look bad with this hairstyle?
This call made my day
Attractive employee sitting at the table and eating an apple
Talking to a friend is always so much fun
Not understanding something young indian woman sitting at the office desk
In the middle of deciding work problems
Look, that's my cigar
What do you mean, i didn't get a promotion?
A little bit of gossip is not harmful for anyone
Drained out of energy
Completely drowning in the work process
Young attractive employee holding a cup of coffee and touching her neck
Young attractive employee holding a cup of coffee and touching her neck
Yes, the boss is at his place
Oh i'm so sleepy today
Aren't you sweet
Seeing the bak account after shopping is tough
Time is money
Realizing i'va made just a huge error
Guess, i need a little bit of break after all this work
I need to relax
Well, just wait a minute, i still can't get it
Young overweight man having tea and watching something at laptop
Creating some new cool things