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Doctor and patient in an office AI
Happy and careless
He will have to make his choice soon
Please, don't tell my mom where i am now
A man and woman in the office AI
I invite you to the cinema, girls
When you passed all the exams
Young and free
Yeap, studying isn't always so easy
Yeah, that's really cute
I don't approve that
I don't mind having two girlfriends, you know
Different people, different reactions
Sharing emotions with each other
They're crazy!
Young couple embracing and a girl talking on the phone
She understands me like no other girl in the world
He's mine, not yours
All that lovey dovey stuff is not for me
A man sitting at a desk with a laptop AI
Ok, do what you want, i'm going home to study
Something caught their attention
What on earth is that?
Doctor and patient in the office AI
And here come new residents
Mom's work is to pay attention to everyone
Man working at a desk AI
Fancy some beer?
Another uni day has finished
Our bond is unbreakable
He will have to make his choice soon
Having a good time with my friends
Drinking instead of studying? that's not for me
Young woman found her boyfriend embracing another girl
Mean girls judging everyone
I'm thrilled!
Well, i'm not sure what i feel about it
Come on guys, we're having an important exam today!
They got to know each other yesterday and they're already a couple!
We both like him
It's the perfect place to stay on your honeymoon
I like both of you equally, girls
Different people, different reactions
Isn't this dog cute? yeah, i'm allergic to dogs
Please stop doing kissie-kissie when i'm here
I'm really glad for you, guys
Give me high five!
I've never seen anyone who looks good in such a dress
Caring and sharing
I can't believe it, they're drinking on the exam day
We are the gang!
Drinking instead of studying? that's not for me
What on earth is that?
Just enjoying the time with my ladies
Just relax and chill out a bit
Couples can be annoying when you're single
Young couple in the office AI