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Can you hear me well?
I'm calling to your attention
Before making an important announcement
Thinking through every word
It's time to speak out openly
She makes herself heard
I was persuasive, wasn't i?
I look good with a bullhorn, don't i?
Real estate agents love working with people
You know, it's not good at all
Asian female office worker talking on the phone and working on laptop
She's good at making speeches
So proud of her achievements
Positive vibes on the line
A man in his office AI
I should talk to boss about it
Dreaming at a business meeting
Asian office employee fixing hair and looking on tablet
Wait, what these numbers are?
Charismatic and confident
Young asian office woman sitting at the desk and pointing at laptop
Young businesswoman holding papers with unexpected expression on her face
The bride and groom in white suits AI
Guess i've become real shopping addict
Working is so much fun when you do what you like
Asian female office employee involved in phone conversation
Yeah, you've got the point there
Take this and make a decent work before giving it to me
It sounds like a seashell
She's heard from far away
She's ready to call to action
I didn't expect such a loud sound
Listen to me carefully
Ready to make an announcement
Young woman in a white shirt and red tie holding a megaphone AI
The decisive moment has come
Well, let's see with what we've got to work here
Rehearsing her speech
What a nice piece of work you've done
Woman shouting into a megaphone AI
Come and look at the view from this window
Windows view is really great here
Yes, guys, you've done a great job!
Glad to find like-minded people
Yes, you did it!
Come on, you're gonna love it
Man holding a bottle of red wine AI
Man sitting at a table and reading a newspaper AI
Oh what are you talking about
And that's what you wanna present to the client?
Asian female office worker talking on the phone and working on laptop
The property also benefits from oak parquet floor...
Time to get serious and start working well!
Do you have something better to offer?
Smiling asian office employee using tablet
Starting new work day with a smile
Smiling asian office employee using tablet