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Haven't slept for two days, learned more than i've ever known, have had more coffee cups than it's possible to imagine, can i hear colours? probably. what is this emotion on my face? i don't know
You'd better not disturb my beauty routine, boy
Young woman with a cup of tea AI
Thinking about you
This is heaven
Yup, makeup first, shaving after. priorities, you know
A woman in traditional dress AI
Such a wonderful feeling
Using all possible beauty recipes to give face skin freshness
Enjoying the sensations
A woman in a bathroom AI
Young woman with a towel on her head AI
Woman with a towel wrapped around her head AI
A woman in traditional dress AI
Young woman looking through magnifying glass
A sleeping cutie
Female patient unwrapping her bandaged head
A woman in a white coat and a white scarf AI
Woman with syringe near her face
Side view of woman with syringe
Woman putting on mask
I put my makeup on right after i get out of the shower so i could spend the rest of my morning routine feeling aesthetically pleased
One last detail and i am ready to shine ✨
And now to the smooth skin for a finished look
Oops, haven't i forgot about something?
Young woman looking through magnifying glass
Oh no, i've completely forgot about that
Hope this mask will have some good result
Young woman holding syringe while looking at camera
Woman in a white towel AI
Woman with syringe looking at camera
Woman in mask holding syringe
I'm gonna be the prettiest
A young woman in a white coat and a scarf AI
Female patient unwrapping bandaged head
I only buy the toothpastes that match my toothbrushes colors so each morning could be aesthetically pleasing
Self care time is essential
Young woman with syringe looking at camera
If i stained a white bathrobe but the stain is also white, should i wash it or just wait for another, not-that-white stain first?
Woman with a broken arm AI
You think i'm looking at my reflection in the mirror but in reality i'm watching a suspicious person in the window behind me
Cucumbers are believed to do some miracles to a skin
A woman in traditional dress AI
Young woman in bathrobe yawning
In the end of the day skin is needed to be treated well
Treating her skin to a pampering mask
Woman making injection to her forehead