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But i don't like bowties, i never wear them!
Who is a fashion designer here, you or me?
Look, no measurements, no suit!
Gosh, you seems to be super stressful
Ok, just don't be so nervous
Discussing latest office rumours
It's so much stress these days
Male coworkers gossiping about something
Some people are just too busy
Fashion is my profession
Oops, the ring is too small
Well, i don't like this thing
Yeah, lately things here have been just mad
Look, no measurements, no suit!
Discovered some shocking news
I'll make a perfect suit
And how does he beat me every time?
Ok, let's look something else
Should we get straight to the business?
Oh, i wish i didn't see that thing
When you have super different taste for things
Yeah, we have extremely different preferences
How could you do this, huh?
So... i've finished, take a look
Wow, he did do a lot of training
Deadline failure
It fits perfectly
Handsome young guy trying to figure out the earphones problem
What is that, may i ask?
I'm gonna tell you the very last news
But i don't like bowties, i never wear them!
It's fashion, don't try to resist!
Young tailor making measurements for a customer
Yeah, my brother knows how to choose not the best time
It's been interesting in the office lately
Everything has to be perfect
Yeap, that's not the smartest decision
Trying to make him less stressful
Just a few final touches here
Yeah, my brother knows how to choose not the best time
You will love the result
He's a passionate fashion creator
Two brothers looking at something attentively and laughing
How am i supposed to work if he keeps talking on the phone?
Let's see who's stronger here
So, let's get to work
Attentive to all details
This is an outrage!
That sounds just awful, can't believe it really happens
Fashion is my profession
Why not laugh if work gives satisfaction?
When brother still playing better
One of two guys holding pizza and soda and looking up and another one eating pizza
Paying maximum attention colleagues' outfits
Just a few final touches here
Male colleagues discussing something and laughing
Trying to figure out this thing
Consider me as a grinch character
Good, wish we could've changed the situation somehow
Two male colleagues looking at tablet and talking about work