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Ready to get a new haircut
It's gonna look awesome
Preparing for today's big night
Let's try something different this time
Tell me everything, how bad does it look?
Too impatient to sit on a chair for one hour
Oh no, i hope i didn't burn this piece of hair
Young girl in pajama and hair wrapped in towel curling her friend's hair
It's not a big deal, don't understand why you're mad
Stay where you are, sweety
Trying my best at creating hairstyle for my bestie
Making each other's hair is so much fun
Gonna create some magic with this lady's hair
Oh no, i hope i didn't burn this piece of hair
So, what problem we've got here?
Judging coffee quality like a pro
Putting all my efforts in creation of friend's hair
Sharing secrets with each other
And the problem is there in the lungs, right?
So this's the part where we have a problem
Kid really got into doctor's role
Nothing can stop us
You suppose clean teeth like this
She's helping her partner to cope with illness
Well, i don't hear anything here
Chilling at home together
Like to fool around with younger bro
Keep calm and exercise
Putting all my efforts in creation of friend's hair
What the hell are you doing in your working hours
In the hands of a professional
Sit calmly and don't move, please!
What is that, may i ask?
In the hands of a professional
I've told you i'm not good at styling hair
Ok, let's turn this girl into a beauty start
How could've you messed up everything?
What did i get myself into?
Trying to create magic with friend's hair
You're so nice to help me, really
Teenage boy getting his hair cut
Woman styling her friend's hair with hairstyling iron
How could you do that?
Getting ready together for today's evening
You're so nice to help me, really
Oh, seems like we have a problem here
I told you to come back no later than that time
Young indian woman styling her hair wirh hairbrush and iron dryer
I'm so sorry, it's my first day here
This moment when you realise that something went wrong
Do i even have to explain why i hate you?
Hey, i'm here to support you
I'm always here for you
Thank you, mommy
Teacher gets mad with our laziness sometimes
Oh... i think i've got a fever
Is this area bothering you?
Young woman looking at a laptop screen AI
Aren't you supposed to finish that report today?
Just leave me alone!