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The neighbours won't notice and i have a new friend now
I've only had this green cutie for a day and a half, but if anything happened to it, i would punch everyone in this room with a flower pot and then myself
Don't we make a nice composition together
Oh my goood it looks even better in photos
Aw, we both are so cute!
Party snacks?
I really hope at least this one will survive
But what if i make a smoothie out of it
This is what adventures begin with
Guess i'm looking quite pretty, no?
Look, its foliage looks exactly like my hair!
For me slow dancing is just my usual dance but at half speed
Not the ones i actually wanted
Tired of being rich
I am super cute and i know it
Aww the smell of no smell, it's my favourite
Oh my god, i've found another half of an avocado in my fridge, i'm like a squirrel who keeps hiding treats in random places, but for no reason at all
Green for the photo, bro
Sometimes the joke is too good not to emphasize it with finger guns
Happy tunes for happy mood
You are doing well sweetie, keep going
You say money can't buy you happiness, i say give them to me and i'll prove you wrong in a day!
Guess who's got a date today, baby
Best buy of the month
Um excuse me what's that
Take a bite, don't worry, it's not poisoned yet
Well, isn't it just an epic selfie?
Okay, so the map shows me how to get to this place in detail and the internet says that it doesn't exist
Let's b-eco-me friends with nature
Why do you all think that the same-sounding words 'ice cream' and 'i scream' is just a coincidence? wait, i'm gonna prove you wrong
We match!
We have much more in common than you'd think
Look! i've bought myself a friend!
A week at my place and still alive, that's a new record in a plant world
Just a few more days and the adventure starts!
Should i worry that it has grown into this from a seed overnight or is it a totally normal behaviour for them
Is liking the sound of the word guacamole a good enough reason to try and make it
Let's have some avocados!
Take this, it'll give you +10 hp
Hey there who's been missing me
The sky looks especially nice today
Come on, let's dance together
Perfectly in half!
Slow dancing with myself 'cause i deserve it
Can't believe i've finally found it! my hotel!
People need to see me smiling and shining
Fruit-less breakfast is unhealthy and boring, take an avocado
Feeling cute and flirty
What a nice flowers i got
Take this, you won't regret
There is no music in my earphones, they are just the illusion of normality, i'm dancing to my own tune you are not allowed to hear
So austria and australia are two different countries and you are telling me this now??
A vintage way of getting the news is my favourite one
Is it me or their version of the route to the museum really does lie through the restricted area
Excuse me! do you know this place?
Let the fate choose where my next trip is gonna be to!
Turn the music on, let's have some fun!
Dance like no one's watching, sing like no one's listening, dance and sing when no one's actually watching and listening 'cause it's too much for one person to handle
The taste of summer and carelessness