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So, i was thinking maybe...
Sorry, you're saying what?
You know how to talk to a girl
Yeah, i'm listening, sort of
When you kinda mad and displeased at the same time
A few drops of my favorite scent
I'm already stressed here, you wanna make the situation even better?
Waiting for the apologies
Fixing uneven skin tone
Mass market cosmetic products struggling
Can't believe that this happened
Chill out, boy, today is not your day
Glad to know you
Yeap, there's nothing to do
Finishing the makeup with a little bit of powder
Smile is a precious gift
Indian woman applying lipstick
Yeap, everything is gonna be just good
Just having a wonderful day
Not worried about anything
Well, i didn't mean it when was saying that...
When you finally got the chance to talk as much as you want with your bf
You've been on mind for a long time, you know
So far there's nothing i can do, so...
Looking chic and stylish
Feeling calm and confident
A little bit of powder to create a perfect look
Yeap, i'm listening
Feeling calm and confident
Honestly, hun, i've stopped following you like five minutes ago
Wondering when your partner will stop talking
Makeup is a way of self expression
Activities through day make you lose power
Wow, this is just unbelievable
Wait a minute, are you sure about what you're saying?
Confidence: i wear it like make-up
A little bit of lipstick is always needed
Oh. my. god. he did w h a t??
Indian woman in orange top holding lip balm and sending air kiss
It sucks, you know
Let's loosen up today a little
You were born to be real, not to be pefect
The embodiment of charm and elegance
We should ask his opinion
When your bff tells you some great news
A few drops of my favorite scent
I follow my own fashion
Are you kidding me?
Working on this skin tone
Struggling with applying a mascara
I'm so glad to hear that!
Don't worry, stay positive, ok?
Indian woman applying lipstick
I don't like her, that's it
Making accent on eyes
Talking about some girls' routine stuff
Trying to find matching tonal foundation
Nude eyeshadows are quite popular today
Thank you, next