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Me and brother are the best team ever
Yeah, that tv show really sucks
Ok, let's look something else
Watching tv with my bro isn't easy
Money suits us well
How am i supposed to work if he keeps talking on the phone?
We do look really cool, don't we?
Who said it's needed to act serious when you're a grown up?
When your colleague bring you unexpected news
Talking about colleagues' outfit
Two brothers looking aside
Making my brother a rich guy
When your brother isn't exactly tv fan
Paying maximum attention colleagues' outfits
Yeah, my brother knows how to choose not the best time
Male coworkers gossiping about something
Discussing latest office rumours
Ok, no time for jokes, let's get to work
That feeling when you find your soulmate
It all starts with measuring
All i want is to be with you all my life
So, let's get to work
Young man showing something on the phone to another man while looking shocked
Male colleagues discussing something and laughing
Two brothers messing around
When you and brother have different taste for tv show
Side view of two young men looking up thoughtfully
Three-quarter view of two young men sitting on the floor and reading
Working day has started just great
Considering some work options
Yeah, my brother doesn't really have all that taste
Looking for something interesting on the tv
Trying to skip some boring tv stuff
When you have super different taste for things
It all starts with measuring
Yeah, we have extremely different preferences
Two brothers watching tv and one of them holding remote controller
Those 'fashion police' critics
Checking out what's today on tv
It's been interesting in the office lately
Ok, just don't be so nervous
Peace and christmas vibes everyone
Well, it's hard to do something about it
Oh, dear, you shouldn't have worn this to work
Feeling inspired and ready to start the work day
Gossiping about latest office news
Tailoring process
Let's see who's stronger here
Side view of two young men looking up questioningly
It's so much stress these days
Don't worry, work project is gonna be ok
Hey, look at this thing
Exchanging hand shakes and let's start the work
The love of my life
Consider me as a grinch character
I'm gonna tell you the very last news
Talking about latest office gossips
Don't be so silly, it's been out of fashion 2 seasons already
Side view of two young men arguing
When you've seen something super funny