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Catching those precious sun rays
Well, i've deserved this vacation
Enjoying summer time
Absorbing sun rays
Summer feels good
This is my way of having vacation
Taking pleasure in this summer
Summer is my only occupation
Summer vacation is all about enjoyment
Getting proper tan this summer
Catching precious summer sun rays
Summer time got me like this
Absorbing summer sun rays
Recovering powers with nature help
Even working still can enjoy summer
This is what i call a relax
This is my kind of relaxing
Absorbing summer sun rays
Lying on the blanket in the park
Vacation is about positive vibes
Attractive young woman lying on her back on the grass
Treating myself with such a sweet life
Enjoying this summer to the fullest
Oh, what a sweet life
Thoughts turned off and just enjoying summer
Looking to the sky for inspiration
Enjoying this sun to the fullest
Getting some fresh info
This is what i mean when i say 'summer'
Taking it easy
Enjoying pleasant summer rays
Absorbing summer sun rays
Enjoying the sun and just relaxing
Relaxing and just turning my minds off
Sunbathing and just relaxing to the fullest
Hidding from the hottest summer sun
Totally unbothered and just enjoying summer
My only trouble and concern is summer
Absorbing summer sun rays
Treating myself with relax
Enjoying summer time to the fullest
Oh, this summer time got me exhausted
Oh, summer feels just great
Even working still can enjoy summer
Covering face from the sun rays
Time just for myself
Absorbing these sun rays
Catching this moment of summer time
Young woman lying on the grass and reading a magazine
Getting in touch with nature
Vacation time feels just great
Remembering summer moments
Yeah, living this way is so cool
Catching moments of sweet relax
Summer feels just good
What a nice summer it is
Summer time got me like this
Lying on the blanket in the park
Summer got me talky and tanned
Having just a great time