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Female doctor examining patient's mouth
Young doctors working with a patient AI
Ok boy, let's get your temperature checked
Patient complaining about pain
I need to see your teeth wide and clear
Business people working together at the office AI
Oh no, here comes the worst part of visiting doctor
Stop shouting, please
Woman in the office talking to a doctor AI
Don't worry, it's just a tiny wound
With all that sneezing you better stay away
What the hell are you doing in your working hours
See, doctor's visiting aren't always sad
And no scar will be left
Oh, seems like we've got some flu here
A man sitting at a desk reading a newspaper AI
I can't go to school today, right?
How to make a pillow out of a laundry basket AI
So far seems like a typical flu
You're so nice to help me, really
A man and a woman looking at a laptop AI
As silly as ever
Just leave me alone!
My brother is such a snitch
Tell me everything, how bad does it look?
You're so nice to help me, really
Doctor and patient in the hospital AI
Portrait of a smiling businesswoman with her arms crossed AI
You should've been more careful with that!
Teacher's support is very important for studying progress
Patient and doctor discussing
Female doctor examining patient's mouth
Patient and doctor discussing
A doctor with a patient AI
You deserved it!
I'm gonna prescribe some peels, that should be enough
She's so funny when angry, i can't help laughing
Young doctor turning to tired girl
Do i even have to explain why i hate you?
Young doctors shaking hands with each other AI
Patient and doctor discussing
A small bandage will fix the situation
Young man holding a book and a woman standing beside him AI
Man and woman looking at each other AI
Woman doctor examining a patient
Doctor talking to a patient AI
You should quiver in fear, i'm furious
Boy, just don't spread it even more here
Could you be more careful, please?
Do you have any complaints about that?
A female dentist and her patient watching aside surprisingly
Will you allow me to examine you or not?
I told you to come back no later than that time
Giving a thought to a problem we're having
How could you do that?
Listen to me carefully!
Doctor with a stethoscope in his office AI
Doctor talking to his patient in the office AI
Oh gosh, you're running a high temperature