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Side view of a man writing on a laptop AI
How could this have happened?
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Man working on a laptop AI
It's a technology that's capable of changing the world
Dear ladies and gentlemen...
Do you this line? it's the main one
Call center agent working and holding folder
Pensive catholic priest sitting in front of open bible
Young call center worker working on the computer
She enjoys being busy
Trying to analyze what i've just read
So, it's how the system works
Trying to concentrate here
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Businessman working on a laptop AI
Reaching out to clients would be like...
When goal's been achieved
I wonder what it might mean...
I don't know how to feel about all this
Checking mail requires some time
Pensive young overweight man sitting at the office desk and holding phone
A man working on a laptop AI
Listen, i think they want to fire me
Book got me some food for thoughts
Elegant and intelligent
A man looking at a laptop AI
Go on, i'm listening to you
His unique point of view
Give me a minute to think about it
Call center agent sitting at office desk with hands folded
Few minutes of preparations before the work day
How could've i done this?!
And after all that copypast you're still asking me why i'm mad?
Pensive young overweight man sitting at the office desk and holding phone
Are you really sure about what you're saying?
I didn't expect students to show such great results so far
I should spend more time reading
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Feeling slightly tired of all the work
Arguing and doubting make part of the education process
You have to come up with something quick, man!
Staying on the line and always ready to help
Young overweight office worker seems like asking something
Please, this e-mail should've come already
Yeah, this conversation seems bad already
Do you really think i can do all that till tomorrow?!
Businessman working on a laptop AI
Pensive young overweight office worker sitting at office desk
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I'm reading, not very interested in what you're saying
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