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This is how i look on the outside
Better than you
I have no idea what they're talking about but we're already too deep into the conversation for this confession
My phone is turned off, i'm just good at pretending and being lazy
A woman and a man looking at each other AI
A few more minutes of this meeting and i'll start taking selfies or something, this boredom is killing me
They are not on speakerphone, i'm just tired of listening
Woman sitting at the table AI
How to present this story properly really takes a while
Everything is under control, guys
Side view of a man writing on a laptop AI
Like a boss
Seen, seen, not interested, seen-
These new configurations giving me some hard time
A man looking at a laptop AI
Checking out some new business apps
Ok, give me a minute to get this
His unique point of view
Getting all work done here
How could this have happened?
They think it's a great idea, huh?
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Young man in a black suit and a kippah reading a torah he's holding
Young attractive teacher standing with his hands crossed
Proud of my students
Rehearsing his speech
Feeling a little blown away with this info
I want you to pay attention
Go on, i'm listening to you
Ugh, that thin line between looking confident and looking grumpy, and to think i thought the work itself was gonna be the hardest part!
I'm listening to you carefully
So, let's start our presentation
Glad to meet you
I love my job and i know all about it
Proud to be myself
The most convenient way to pay
A man in a suit with a laptop AI
Man in black suit standing
A general view of atmosphere AI
Understand how to use this thing properly may take me a while
Please pay attention to this short safety demonstration
Young man standing proudly
Young handsome teacher reading a book
When new work info came up unexpectedly
I'm not looking at you
Have something to figure it here
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Ready for a new business day
Welcoming this working day with smile
Quite impressed with this info
Elegant and intelligent
One more call from this customer and i'm quitting, one person can only take so much
Seems like we have to fix something here
Calm and serious
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Weird. i don't remember buying it
Telling people about such kind of situation isn't easy at all, you know
Focused on saving very last detail of this story
Well, this looks not bad at all