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A fit young man with naked torso, putting a white plastic bag on his head
An important step to the perfect look
Feeling soft and beautiful in the gentle morning glow
Young man with tights on his head and in the mouth
Bare chested swimmer adjusting goggles
Finishing my face care session
Focusing on most important things
After these new products my hair is so soft
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Feeling relaxed and sleepy in a soft morning glow
Young handsome man standing back to the camera
Well, i'm ready to start my day
Something draged his attention
When you've got pensive in the morning
Big dreams, high perspectives
How can one person (me) be such a disaster every day of their life
I'm gonna be the best-looking person in the office tomorrow
I've been doing a lot of exercises
Could anyone just stop talking and all that, huh?
And don't even try to say to me it's not party enough
Turned from reality and involved in some dreaming
A fit young man with naked torso, putting a white plastic bag on his head
Feeling sexy, looking accordingly
Gotta try my poses for future photoshhot
Contented with my beauty routine
Do you like my tattoo?
All my dreams are narrowing to some sleep
Healthy Lifestyle
Applying my eye patches so i wouldn't have to look at you
Will i ever be satisfied with how i look like
A woman looking at a mirror AI
Mirror mirror on the wall i am the most beautiful of them all. yup. no questions here. just a fact.
Getting into the right mood before another work day
Ok, so let's start the swimming session
Gotta be extra careful today since i've run out of bandages after the yesterday's incident
Chasing the dreams
You could get a face treat too
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Gotta try my poses for future photoshhot
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It's good to be demanding of yourself
I have this whole day to myself and i'm enjoying it immensely
Always remember about your body beauty and health
Seems like i need to have my hair cut again